Classic cocktails in a classic San Francisco setting

Since sparking the resurgence of the Martini boom in 1988, the Mahogany curving bar at BIX has offered what many call the best classic cocktails in San Francisco.  There is always a bowl of crushed ice with our custom stemware waiting to be filled.  Likewise, wine expert AJ Anderson has crafted a list of new and old world wines.  BIX counts many of the winemakers on the list as our customers. View our wine list here (pdf).



  • Gold Street

    Bourbon, Cointreau, Orange Bitters, Prosecco

  • Cat’s Paw

    Old Tom Gin, Sweet & Dry Vermouths, Aperol

  • Ginger Gimlet

    Vodka, Ginger Syrup, Lime Juice

  • La Floridita

    Rum, Luxardo Maraschino, Lime & Grapefruit Juices

  • Pisco Punch

    “Compounded of the Shavings of Cherub’s Wings”

  • Bonne Poire

    Gin, Lillet Blanc, Pear Purée

  • Figmentation

    Scotch, FigCello, Dolin Rouge, Black Walnut Bitters

  • Orange Blossom Special

    Bourbon, Dry Curacao, Alessio Vermouth di Chinato

  • BIX Sidecar

    Cognac, Dry Curacao, Lime

  • Elixir No 3

    Rye Whiskey, Yellow Chartreuse, Benedictine, Lemon Juice

  • BIX Perfect Manhattan

    George Dickel Rye, Angostura Bitters, Dolin Dry & Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouths